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What is the function of the heat shrinkable T8 tube light for the lamp tube and what material is used?

According to the characteristics of the product,T8 tube light it can be applied to various fields such as energy, electric power, transportation.
T8 tube light

Application of heat shrinkable material: According to the characteristics of the product,T8 tube light it can be applied to various fields such as energy, electric power, transportation,T8 tube light industrial and mining. Because this material has the characteristics of simplicity and reliability in technology,T8 tube light it plays a role in updating in various fields, challenging traditional industrial products,T8 tube light and has strong market competitiveness.

At present, domestic heat-shrinkable products mainly include: heat-shrinkable communication cable accessories,T8 tube light heat-shrinkable power cable accessories, electronic system heat-shrinkable tubing, heat-shrinkable coating sheet,T8 tube light composite insulation heat-shrinkable tape, heat-shrinkable tubing for lamp tubes, etc. ; In terms of output value,T8 tube light heat-shrinkable products now rank first in the radiation processing industry, accounting for about 55% of the total output value of radiation processing. Although the output value index includes the contribution of γ-ray processing,T8 tube light the electron beam processing of accelerators is the heat-shrinkable material. The true foundation of industrialization.

The heat-shrinkable tube for the lamp tube is made of high-transparency and high-strength FEP material,T8 tube light which can prevent the glass tube from breaking and flying. The heat-dissipating shrink tube covers the fluorescent lamp and the glass LED tube to prevent the glass from breaking and flying.

Suitable for food processing,T8 tube light pharmaceutical factories, restaurants and public places. The coated LFEP heat-shrinkable lamp tube can protect the lamp tube from being hit by the impact or the falling glass from scattering and causing personal injury,T8 tube light and it also reduces the cost of old-style protective lamps. Product characteristics: Shrinkage rate of 1.25:1,T8 tube light light transmittance of more than 95%, UV resistance,T8 tube light excellent weather resistance and chemical properties, flame retardant and non-polluting, falling at 6 meters height,T8 tube light and the glass of the lamp tube will not fly.


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