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7 Secrets to Successful Sales of Shelf Lights

In the search for efficiency, stability, and innovation in modern lighting, the Laidishine shelf light has emerged as the market leader due to its exceptional quality and cutting-edge design. We are committed to providing you with more steady, efficient, and safe lighting solutions. This article will elaborate on the Laidishine shelf lamp unique.
Shelf Light

In the search for efficiency, stability, and innovation in modern lighting, the Laidishine shelf light has emerged as the market leader due to its exceptional quality and cutting-edge design. We are committed to providing you with more steady, efficient, and safe lighting solutions. Next, let’s look at the distinctive appeal of the Laidishine shelf LED light and the remarkable experience it provides.

1. Electronic circuit design

The Laidishine shelf lighting’s sophisticated constant current chip architecture allows for exact and reliable management of the current in each lamp bead. This not only ensures the lamp bead’s long life but also efficiently minimizes light attenuation, making the entire lighting system more reliable and robust. Simultaneously, the increased series capacity allows up to 8 lights to be connected in series within 1 meter, and the brightness of the head and tail are the same. More convenient is that the the chip location can be cut back and forth to accommodate diverse installation requirements.

constant IC

Comparing popular styles:

Resistive design: This type of design typically supports just four LED tubes in a series. If more than five are used, the brightness of the tail lights is greatly lowered, and the brightness difference between the head and tail lights is noticeable. Furthermore, it can only be trimmed every 50mm, which limits its applicability.

Transistor design: This design is not stable enough for current control, and the constant current accuracy is low. At the same time, it is temperature-sensitive, and the power supply’s output voltage stability has very high requirements, which increases complexity and maintenance costs to some extent.

Resistance design&Transistor design

2. Quality of LED light beads

Laidishine shelf light chose famous brand -Sanan chip as the core of lamp beads, despite the slightly higher price, to ensure the high quality of the products. Its lamp beads life is at least 50,000 hours, with a light decay rate of less than 6% and long-lasting stability. At the same time, the lighting effect is superb, with up to 160 lumen per watt, providing a bright and consistent lighting impact on your shelves.

Led light beads

Comparison of popular styles:

Common shelf lights use non-brand chips and alloy brackets, resulting in low prices but uncertain quality. These lamps and lanterns have a major light attenuation problem; after a year, brightness may appear to be attenuated, affecting the use of the effect. Its light efficiency is also often modest, averaging 80-100 lumens per watt, and cannot be compared to the Laidishine shelf lamp. Picking Laidishine means to choose quality and confidence.

Non-laidishine light beads

3. Installation Stability

Laidishine shelf light has a permanent strong magnet, not just strong suction, and the contact area between the magnet and the shelf is large, ensuring that the lamp is stable after installation and does not fall. It is especially worth noting that for 800mm and larger models, the rear is equipped with three magnets, which improves lamp stability.

Mounting bracket of Laidishine

Comparing popular styles:

Common shelf lamps on the market typically utilize glue to attach magnets, however this method has obvious drawbacks. As the lamp’s temperature rises, the adhesive ages, causing the magnet to come off or lose touch with the shelf, increasing the chance of the light falling. Furthermore, some versions only have two magnets on the rear, which is insufficient for stability when compared to Laidishine’s design.

Non-Laidishinemounting bracket

4. Safety of the power supply system.

Laidishine shelf lights are composed of PC conductive cells, which are not only heat-resistant but also flame retardant, ensuring the lamps’ safety and stability throughout time. Internal selection of copper rods improves product stability, eliminating security problems.

Conductive cell

Comparison of popular styles: Most shelf lamps on the market employ PVC conductive cells, which are temperature-sensitive. As the number of connections increases, the temperature can rise quickly, posing safety and fire risks. The Laidishine shelf light, on the other hand, has a higher level of safety and stability.

Non-Laidishine conductive cell

5. Control of lamp body raw materials.

Laidishine shelf lamp with full PC shell design and two-color one molding method, not only has a fashionable appearance but also great light transmission performance. Its materials are imported LG materials of exceptional quality, ensuring the product’s longevity and performance.

Lamp body material

In comparison to popular styles, the Laidishine shelf lamp full PC housing outperforms the male model thin aluminum alloy collocation PC lampshade in terms of light transmittance. Its limited light transmittance may have an impact on the lighting effect; in comparison, the Laidishine shelf lamp is a better choice.

PC lampshade

6. Production quality control

Laidishine shelf lamps conform to the entire quality control process, which includes strict testing of different nodes to ensure that each product meets 100% quality criteria. Our factory has received ISO quality system certification and has completed the severe factory inspection system of worldwide well-known brands, and its quality is highly acknowledged in the industry.

Comparing popular styles: Some shelf lamp brands on the market have an inconsistent quality control method, which is part of the random inspection issue. More concerning is that some manufacturers’ quality awareness is low, and even outside of imitation of our brand or on behalf of processors, the market has caused significant misunderstanding. Choose Edison for real quality and trust.

Quality Control
Quality Control

7. R&D Intellectual Property

25 patents (1 invention patent, 11 utility models, and 13 appearance patents).

Patent Certificates
Patent Certificates

Laidishine shelf lamps have become the first choice for many organizations due to their steady and reliable performance, good lighting, and human appearance. We are confident that choosing Laidishine means not only getting high-quality lighting items but also getting a quality and trust stick. In the future, we will maintain the spirit of innovation while always optimizing product performance to give you an even more exceptional lighting experience.


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