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Laidishine, a subsidiary of Ledxon GmbH founded in 2012. With more than 10 years of experience with global refrigeration display cabinet manufacturers, retail stores, cold storage and professional refrigeration wholesalers and distributors, we know what we can do to help our clients make the best LED lighting products & solutions that meet their needs.

During the years of the company’s growth, we have obtained various international certifications including ISO9001, CE CRT, ROHS CRT, TUV, and UL, which also includes a large number of product patents.

The Year 2006
Formally Established
Foundation of Ledxon GmbH
Ledxon Logo-History
The Year 2007
R & D
R&D For Refrigerated Display Cases Lighting

Production of industrial LED modules / components / lighting bars for commercial refrigerator

The Year 2010
Ledxon Replace(Germany) Established

Foundation of ledxon replace

The Year 2011
R & D
R&D For Retail Sector

Production of lighting bars for Retail / Non-food / Food

The Year 2012
International Expansion
Ledxon Ningbo(China) Established

• Opening of production site Masów, Poland

• Foundation of joint venture ledxon ningbo electronic technology ltd.

• Opening of production site Ningbo, China

The Year 2013
Ledxon Module(Germany) Established

Foundation of Ledxon Modular GmbH

The Year 2015
Headquarters Relocation
Ledxon New Headquarters in Landshut, Germany

Moved to a new address and established an international group management

The Year 2016
Growth and Focusing
Growth and Focusing

• 10 year company anniversary

• Expansion of production site Masów, Poland

The Year 2017
Change Logo
Change Logo from “Ledxon” to “Laidishine” in China
Laidishine Logo-History

We changed the original LEDXON name of our company in Ningbo, China to a new name: LAIDISHINE

The Year 2018
ISO9001 Certified
ISO9001 2015-History

Thank you for your attention and trust in LAIDISHINE!

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