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Achieving the perfect lighting presentation

Various approaches from color therapy show how much our awareness is affected by light color, which therefore plays a crucial role in food lighting. In the right light, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, and baked goods look even more delicious and flavourful. Natural tones are stressed and food appears fresh and delicious.

MacAdam ellipse

MacAdam ellipse

Colour Coordinate

The color temperature in kelvin defines the color impression of a light source.

The higher the kelvin figure, the cooler or bluer the light effect.

The spectrum is roughly divided into three ranges: from warm white to neutral white, through to daylight white and cool white.

Colour Consistency

The colour and luminosity of LEDs vary.

To guarantee  constant light quality, the light is classified into what are known as bins (binning).

The colour differences that can be perceived by the human eye are determined using MacAdam ellipses. The normal LED tolerance range within a bin is 6 SDCM.

Colour Quality

The colour rendering index (CRI) provides information on the quality of color rendering of a light source. The sun and bulbs achieve the best figure, Ra = 100.

In general, the following applies: A high CRI is best if the object to be illuminated should be presented as naturally and realistically as possible, for example for clothing window displays in shops.

However, if you want to accentuate the tones of food, e.g. the red tones in meat, a lower colour rendering quality may be helpful.

Because terminal experience satisfaction is our first goal, we strive to supply high-quality goods at the most reasonable prices.

Quality Control-Color Comparison
Optical Simulation

Our Control of High-quality Products Includes:

▪ Adhere to sustainable and energy-saving production.

▪ Process assurance and production personnel assurance for each link.

▪ Establish all specifications covering the lighting industry in the factory.

▪ Generate tracking and documentation for all products including technical test data.

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