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Bright Guardian is in the cold room

Row after row of cold room lights hangs on the ceiling of the cold room, not only providing light to the cold field but also symbolizing the union of technology and efficiency. This article describes the advantages of the Laidishine cold room light.
Cold Storage Light

Row after row of cold room lights hangs on the ceiling of the cold room, not only providing light to the cold field but also symbolizing the union of technology and efficiency. These seemingly simple lamps and lanterns perform an important role in food safety and product shelf life.

Cold Storage lamps are extremely sensitive to the environment and have stringent technical requirements, including the ability to endure low temperatures, humidity, condensate water, and other testing. Laidishine, with 12 years of experience in the field of LED cold light sources, has meticulously designed CRT series cold storage lights for these particular conditions. After undergoing rigorous market testing, the CRT series cold storage LED light has fully demonstrated its strength.

Cold Room LED Light
Cold Room LED Light

Product reliability and durability:

The CRT series cold storage lights have a waterproof rating of up to IP69K, redefining the cold room lighting waterproof standard. The lamp body is made entirely of plastic, and the sealing end cap employs advanced technology to efficiently prevent condensed water from entering the lamp body while also limiting the phenomenon of heat expansion and cold contraction, thereby significantly increasing the lamp’s service life.

Furthermore, the brightness of CRT can reach 160W/lm, whereas the typical cold storage lighting on the market is 120-130w/lm.

In addition, Laidishine realized that replacing lighting fixtures in low-temperature situations was a difficult task, so he designed a practical mounting bracket that made it simple to install and change lamps.This not only increases job efficiency but also greatly lowers after-sales maintenance costs.

Cold Storage Light
Cold Storage Light

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Laidishine is your ideal partner in China to find high-quality LED light.

Laidishine, a 12-year-old LED manufacturer, has more than 3,000 global partners. Our goods have received high appreciation from partners for their great quality, cost-effectiveness, and performance, and we have formed a long-term solid connection. We promote industry development and advancement in the comments. Furthermore, Laidishine actively participates in industry exchanges and exhibits, sharing our expertise and technological breakthroughs, and contributing to the industry’s prosperity and progress.

We are not just adept at creating lights, but also at providing LED solutions. Our values include professionalism, innovation, respect, and friendship, so you can trust our sales experts to recommend the best items for your needs.

Why do Laidishine LED Lights stand out in the cool LED light field?

First and foremost, we benefit from a carefully selected range of raw materials, all of which are of high quality and come from established companies. Second, we have our manufacturing, so no middlemen can earn the difference, allowing us to ensure quality while keeping prices competitive. Furthermore, our lamps and lanterns have a lengthy service life, lowering your long-term operating and maintenance costs. Last but not least, we can provide LED solutions that not all LED vendors cannot.

Last week, for example, we successfully delivered a refrigerator lamp remodeling design for Walmart’s Guangzhou store and formed a cooperation. This week, we received adjusted demand from three Walmart locations, demonstrating our ability in the field of LED refrigerated lamps and extensive experience.

Laidishine @ Walmart Before & After
Laidishine @ Walmart Before & After

If you’re having difficulty with LED, please contact us. Laidishine will be dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and services to build a better future.


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