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Why does the freezer have a light?

This article introduces several kinds of Laidishine's refrigerator ligting series, and detailed introduction of each of the advantages, in order to help you better choose for your refrigerator.
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I’ve always been curious as to why the freezer has a light. There are lights within the freezer, whether it’s a retail freezer or a home refrigerator. particularly at supermarket, Why is there a light in a supermarket when the ceiling light and ambient light are so bright that I can’t find what I’m looking for?

The history of refrigeration is much longer than that of refrigerators, which have a very short history. Ice storage was employed in ancient China. They removed the natural ice that froze in the winter and stored it in a cellar that was excavated ahead of time for usage in the summer. As we’ve seen on television, emperors and concubines in ancient Imperial City used ice cubes to stay cool during the summer. Yang highest-ranking imperial concubine, for example, ate Litchi that were still fresh when transported from the south to the north because they were prepared ahead of time and used for ice preservation.

However, how is that related to lights? When the cellar is opened, a fire is first started and thrown down; since the fire is still burning, people can descend. It is a test of oxygen concentration, and since the ancient people did not know, fire is associated with bad luck. However, this tradition has persisted: food cannot be consumed while the refrigerator is opened, the lights are off, and it is unsafe. This is a folktale about illuminated refrigerators. nonetheless, the refrigerator or freezer’s primary function is within lamps or lighting; as technology advances, certain LED lights now can be sterilized.

Laidishine’s refrigerator display lights are available in the CNP, SPU, LBS, T8, and LBF series.

CNP series: Its unique design allows it to be illuminated on both sides, with both horizontal laminate and product surfaces lighting; its 8.5-degree angle makes installation simple; its built-in high-quality aluminum material effectively dissipates heat, lessens the strain on the refrigeration system; its 24-volt low-voltage operation reduces the use of electricity and eliminates the risk of accidental electric shock; and its CRI of 90 allows it to truly show the texture of the product.

Refgigerated Display Lighting Of Laidishine

SPU series: The SPU series features a build-in aluminum alloy for improved heat dissipation and longer life, a lens technology to focus light on the product surface to prevent light waste, and a 24-volt low voltage for increased safety. Furthermore, the light is easy to install because it is compact and nearly triangulated. Even more cleverly, the SPU-HB series end enables a series connection of the tube. Furthermore, we have created a mounting bracket that can be fastened using screws or a magnet to address any installation issues.

Refrigerated Display Ligting SPU

The LBS series :The lamp body features a two-color extrusion process that is both elegant and useful, with neither end being out of line. The utility type is more convenient to use because it may be connected in series and is plug-and-play compatible with the center connecting cable. Additionally, the lamp body does not differentiate between left and right. Since, its Waterproof level is IP65, the LBS series is an ideal choice for refrigerated display lights.

Refgigerated Display Lighting LBS

LBF series: Although the LBF’s overall appearance is greater than that of the SPU and its lens technology is different, the appearance function of the two devices is relatively comparable. The needs of the client determine how they are used.

LBF VL VR Application

T8series :T8 series adopts classic round tube, T8J, and T8M-V series waterproof grade IP67 design, widely used in closed refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated sliding door cabinets, combi cabinet lamps, T8ECO and T8LOC series regal international universal T8 tube, adopt standard G13 pin, easy to install, widely used.

T8 Led Tube

With the proficiency in optics and his emphasis on environmentally friendly lighting technologies, Laidishine is emerging as a trailblazer in LED segmentation. Our delivery cycle is short, our after-sales service system is flawless, and we are your global reliable partner.


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