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Many retailers are realizing that lighting is critical to improving performance in a hyperretail store because it directly affects the choice of store to go to. This article describes how to choose lighting in each area of the supermarket. I hope this article can help you to have a good turnover.
ceiling light for supermarket

Lighting is a crucial harmony if the scene is a symphony and the interior design is a melody. Different merchant brands and shops of different natures have different decoration styles, but even well-designed embellishment will be overshadowed without lighting accents. Appropriate lighting as an essential scene with the“Harmony”, master its color temperature that will give your store space to bring a new feeling.

For those in the LED sector, color temperature is a familiar term. However, how well-versed in color temperature are you? Have you chosen the proper LED temperature for your store? We’ll go into more detail about color temperature in this post; if you read it, you’ll become an expert in shop lighting matchmaking.

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What is color temperature?

In a nutshell, color temperature is the “Color temperature” of light. It is the physical quantity that is used to describe the color of the light, not its temperature. More blue and white in the light indicates a higher color temperature, which feels brighter and more invigorating; more yellow and red in the light indicates a lower color temperature, which feels warmer and more cozy. In general, LED lights have color temperatures between 2700K to 6500K. In visual marketing, color temperature is vital since it may instantly grab consumers’ attention, elicit strong feelings, and influence their preferences and purchasing behavior.

Color temperature to create the atmosphere of the supermarket

Warm colors (2700k–3500k): Softer lighting with a warmer tone will produce a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Customers can slow down the pace, feel at ease, and take their time choosing products in this environment.

LED shop lights-warm colors

chilly hues (4500k–6500K). An air of brightness, freshness, and professionalism is produced by cold white lighting. Due to its high color temperature and brightness, this type of light may make people feel hurried, which improves the effectiveness of shopping.

chilly hues-led shop lights

The significance of choosing the right color temperature

Color temperature is a crucial element that should not be disregarded when decorating a store since it influences not only the overall ambiance of the supermarket but also the way customers interact with it and how items are displayed.

1.Establish a welcoming environment for shoppers

The supermarket is primarily visited by office workers in their spare time. The appropriate lighting can provide a calm shopping environment for people to unwind in after a long day at work. They are also prepared to spend time shopping.

2. Increase efficiency when purchasing

Customers can find the location of the desired items more quickly thanks to the strong lighting, which also increases the efficiency of their shopping.

3. Upgrade how pruduct are displayed

The color and texture of display goods can be completely restored by appropriate lighting, making the items more appealing and enhancing the display effect.

Color temperature selection in the supermarket area

1. Area for shelf display

The primary purpose of shelf area lighting is to accentuate the attributes of products. Therefore, it is advised to choose a color temperature between 4000K and 5000K for shelf lighting of the Beauty Makeup shelf. This light’s color temperature is bright and fresh, improving the visibility and appeal of the products as well as the customer’s perception of them without being overly bright or blinding. Furthermore, the 3500K–4000K neutral light will be better suitable if it’s a snack shelf. This warm, natural color temperature might make consumers want to buy things since it reflects well and makes them feel comfortable.

shelf lighting

2.Fresh cargo area

The freshness of the products should be properly displayed by the lighting in the fresh shelf area. It is advised to use lamps with color temperatures between 3000K and 4500K for baking, fresh produce, and fruits and vegetables. The softness of this type of light can draw attention to the taste and freshness of the goods, improve the visual effects, and increase consumer desire to purchase.

LED Shelf Ligting

3.Recreational space

Large stores typically feature an eating room and a rest area, with 2700K to 3500K of warm white light being used in between. While warm white light can also produce an opulent sensation and raise client satisfaction, warm light can also create a cozy and comfortable environment that lets customers rest and unwind while shopping.

Restaurant lights

4. Service areas and aisles

As was already said, a clean, businesslike atmosphere is produced by cool white light. Cold white light is advised for spaces that need to be very bright and clear, such as checkout lines and aisles.

Color temperature is the emotional touch of lighting design, the colorist of the atmosphere, and can better highlight the soul and purpose of the space. Color temperature is also the cornerstone of light and shadow layout. If color temperature is not carefully arranged, subsequent lighting design cannot be discussed

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