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Case Study: Walmart’s Refrigerated Showcase Lighting Upgrade with Laidishine SPU Series

LAIDISHINE SPU series in Walmart
LAIDISHINE SPU series in Walmart

Walmart just began a large endeavor to improve the lighting in their refrigerated showcases. The plan was to replace the obsolete T8 tubes with Laidishine’s SPU series lighting. This case study delves into the transition, describing the problems encountered with the old lighting and the benefits gained with the new installation.

The Challenge
Walmart’s refrigerated showcases were formerly lit with standard T8 tubes. These lights caused various issues:

  1. Dim Lighting: Customers struggled to view and appreciate the merchandise due to insufficient brightness.
  2. Poor Colour Rendering: These lights have a lower Colour Rendering Index (CRI), making meals appear dreary and lifeless. Fresh produce, meats, and other items lacked the brilliant colors that represent quality and freshness.
  3. Inconsistent Lighting: The lighting was uneven, resulting in shaded parts that took away from the visual impact of the displays.

Solution: Laidishine SPU Series Lighting
To address these issues, Walmart opted to update Laidishine’s SPU series lighting. The new lighting solution promised several enhancements:

  1. Enhanced Clarity: The SPU series lights are much brighter, ensuring that all areas of the exhibits are well-lit. This transparency enables shoppers to more readily examine products and make informed purchasing decisions.
  2. Vibrant Colours: With a high CRI, Laidishine lights highlight the true colors of food. Fruits and vegetables appear brighter, meats look fresher, and packaged goods look more enticing.
  3. Consistent Illumination: The SPU series provides uniform lighting across the showcases, minimizing shadows and improving the overall attractiveness of the displays.
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The installation was completed efficiently and with minimal disturbance to store operations. Laidishine collaborated closely with Walmart to guarantee a seamless transition from old T8 tubes to new SPU series lights.


The effect of the new illumination was instant and evident.

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Customers immediately noticed the enhanced illumination and commented on how much more appealing the refrigerated sections seemed. Customers were able to identify what they wanted more easily and trust the freshness and quality of the products because to the increased visibility and brilliant colors.
  2. Energy Efficiency: In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the SPU series lighting is more energy efficient than traditional T8 tubes. This improvement supports Walmart’s commitment to sustainability by lowering energy use and operating costs.


The case study demonstrates that Walmart’s switch to Laidishine’s SPU series lighting has successfully transformed their refrigerated showcases. The enhanced clarity, vibrant colors, and consistent illumination have significantly improved the shopping experience for customers. Furthermore, the energy efficiency of the new lighting supports Walmart’s sustainability goals. This project highlights the importance of investing in advanced lighting solutions to enhance product displays and achieve operational efficiencies.


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