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All you need to know about supermarket lighting

This article focuses on how supermarkets choose the right lighting. What is the role of key lighting and basic lighting, this article will give the answer.
LED Lighting For Shop

You might enter a darkly lit restaurant because you are interested in eating style. Would you enter a poorly lighted supermarket? It’s probably impossible to get in, in my opinion. People are constantly given some unfavorable indications by the faint light, such as whether the grocery is closing or is simply going out of business. Additionally, well-lit spaces can draw clients in, improve their experience, and influence their purchasing decisions. Furthermore, distinct lighting is required in physical stores to emphasize the unique qualities of various products. to persuade clients to engage in purchasing behavior.

We can supply your supermarket with a complete LED lighting solutions based on partners recognition. EPTA, Anthony, GeneralFUSHI, Carrier, Little Duck, etc. are some of our partners. We have our LED lighting certified, such as CE,UL, ROHS, ect. Quality will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, from the raw materials to the manufacture to the acceptance and transportation, following multiple levels of inspections.

Refrigerated LED display light-low-power with a bloom effect

Because the heat generated by the light work requires refrigeration equipment to generate twice the power to load, this cooling load will be very large. For this reason, low-voltage lights are very friendly to the freezer. Since they generated less heat. The requirements for the light are very strict; it must not only withstand low temperatures but also be waterproof. The T8 led tube is currently the standard refrigerated display light in the Asian market; it’s likely that many supermarkets still use the outdated T8 tube. These outdated tubes use a lot of energy, are dim, have erratic lighting, and are of low-quality. The overall effect will be significantly enhanced by switching the current lamp out for the SPU series.

We assisted Walmart last week in switching out the outdated T8 tube light engine with the SPU, which offers superior color rendering, energy efficiency, and light efficiency. You may be asking, then, why the SPU family acts in the ways that it does?

Walmart’s Lighting Upgrade With Laidishine SPU Series
  • First off, because the SPU series is designed with low voltage, it will use less energy. 
  • Second, It uses special lens technology to focus light on the product surface to avoid light waste.
  • Once more, it has been completed after the waterproof treatment to prevent the infiltration of water vapor, which can prolong the life of lanterns and lamps. 
  • Next, the IC chip ensures a consistent light effect with a brightness of up to 145 lm/w. 
  • Lastly, the shape resembles an equilateral triangle, which means it has two mounting surfaces. And we also designed a mounting bracket that can be mounted with both magnets and screws.

Learn more about the SPU here.

SPU-refrigerated display light

Shelf light -Ideal for display goods on shelves

The SNK series is ideal for locating supermarkets with great efficiency and low power consumption. We create a flat and tiny appearance that is invisible after installation. Moreover, We created a plastic mounting bracket that can be fitted with both magnets and screws, making installation and maintenance easier. Above all, it must be able to be utilized in tandem, with each light effect—from the first to the last—and be very striking. In the case of SNK, the energy issue that many retailers are concerned about is unfounded because it uses only 4.8 watts in 1000mm length and produces more than 120LM/W. It is utilized on the shelves and makes shopping for customers quite enjoyable. Learn more about the SNK here.

shelf LED light

Ceiling lighting -enhances the supermarket’s atmosphere as a whole.

The aforementioned refrigerator display LED light and shelf LED light known as the “focus of lighting,” which is made to draw attention to the unique qualities of the product and increase its appeal. We refer to the ceiling light as basic lighting. Customers notice the store’s outside and interior design immediately. Proper lighting can enhance Interior space texture, allowing clients to experience the store’s personality and taste.

Image 8

Our WLS series is ideal for large supermarket floors that are higher than 5 meters. It can produce 150 lumens per watt of ultra-high brightness, which creates a bright lighting environment. Additionally, TRD is ideal for small to medium-sized supermarkets with ceiling heights of up to 5 meters. achieving the optimal dispersal of light feasible. Go here to find out more about the best lighting products. 

High Bay

Laidishine is your dependable global partner and a seasoned and reliable supplier. With over 3,000 retail locations globally and the top producers of commercial refrigerated showcases, we have more than 12 years of experience in designing and producing specialized LED lighting solutions. Our many product lines go through several levels of inspection to guarantee that we are providing the best items to our consumers.


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