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Before and After: Walmart’s Lighting Upgrade with Laidishine SPU Series

The replacement of old dim T8 tubes with Laidishine's SPU series lighting has transformed Walmart's refrigerated showcases. The enhanced clarity, vibrant colors, and consistent illumination have significantly improved the shopping experience for customers.
Before & After Vertical Glass Door Showcase In Walmart

Recently, Walmart has upgraded the lighting in their refrigerated showcases, replacing the outdated T8 tubes with Laidishine’s SPU series lighting. This update has resulted in remarkable improvements in both the cooled and frozen food sections.

Before: Challenges with Old T8 Tubes

Previously, Walmart’s refrigerated sections were lit with traditional T8 tubes, which had several limitations:

1. Dim Lighting: The old T8 tubes didn’t provide enough brightness, making it hard for customers to clearly see and appreciate the products.
2. Poor Color Rendering: With a lower Color Rendering Index (CRI), these tubes made food items look dull and lifeless. Fresh produce, meats, and other goods appeared less vibrant and appealing.
3. Inconsistent Illumination: The lighting was uneven, creating shadowed areas that reduced the visual appeal of the displays.

Walmart Old T8
Walmart Old T8

After: Benefits of Laidishine SPU Series

The installation of Laidishine’s SPU series lighting has led to significant improvements:

1. Enhanced Clarity: The SPU series lights are much brighter, ensuring every part of the showcases is well-lit. This makes it easier for customers to see and assess the products.
2. Vibrant Colors: Thanks to the high CRI of Laidishine lights, the true colors of the food items are more vivid. Fruits and vegetables look more vibrant, meats appear fresher, and packaged goods have a more attractive appearance.
3. Consistent Illumination: The SPU series provides even lighting throughout the showcases, eliminating shadowed areas and enhancing the overall look of the displays.

Laidishine SPU
Laidishine SPU

The switch to Laidishine’s SPU series lighting has transformed Walmart’s refrigerated showcases, offering clearer, more vibrant, and evenly lit displays. This upgrade not only improves the shopping experience for customers but also supports Walmart’s sustainability efforts.


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