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Five good ideas for shelf light

Based on the pain point of the shelf lamp industry, this paper gives five good ideas about shelf light to help the retail store industry increase retail sales

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A New Milestone with FreshHippo!

Congratulations to Laidishine for officially partnering with Fresh Hippo and reaching a new milestone with Fresh Hippo!

Commercial supermarket refrigerator lighting
Markets and Products

Revolutionizing Supermarket Refrigerated Displays: Laidishine’s SPU Series Shines Bright

Laidishine’s SPU lighting solutions are the center of attention in supermarket display cases, improving energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Its sophisticated lens technology, safe voltage, low power consumption, and better color reproduction capabilities are changing the way we see refrigerated displays. The SPU series produces an attractive and visually appealing environment for customers by optimizing light distribution and reducing glare, providing uniform lighting while avoiding shadows and excessive brightness.Furthermore, the use of safe voltage and low power consumption assists supermarkets in achieving sustainable operations and reducing their environmental footprint, while a color reproduction index of up to CRI>90 ensures food color authenticity, which has strategic benefits for both customers and retailers. The introduction of the SPU series benefits supermarkets not only through energy savings, but also by increasing sales, customer loyalty, and the possibility of a more efficient, beautiful, and gratifying retail experience in the future.

the light for the Fruit rack in the Fresh Hema
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Before & After: Retrofitting LED Lighting for Commercial Refrigerated Display Cases at Fresh Hippo Store

What benefit did the Fresh Hippo store gain from the renovation of LED lighting for commercial refrigerated display cases?
Check out Laidishine’s incredible change of LED lighting for Fresh Hippo’s commercial refrigerated display cabinets in Shanghai. This improvement not only improves the product’s visual attractiveness, but also provides numerous benefits to the store and the environment. Let us take a deeper look at these important developments.

Led shelf lighting
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Site Visit to Retail Snacks Chain Shops

Site Visit to Retail Snacks Chain Shops
This article describes an exciting field trip that focuses on the practical application of lighting technology in a retail snack chain and provides valuable training for the client’s installation team. The visit highlighted the importance of lighting in creating a superior customer experience and highlighted the purpose of using lighting effectively in retail snack chains to improve service levels. The article also emphasizes the importance of training the installation team to ensure that the lighting system of the customer’s store is optimized at the technical level. Ultimately, the site visit not only provided valuable experience and knowledge, but also demonstrated the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, giving them more confidence to deliver compelling lighting solutions in the retail snack industry.

LED shelf lighting for retail stores
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Illuminating Success: Enhancing Retail Spaces with LED Lighting

Yesterday, I had the honor to visit the display of retail customers and to train them on the installation of shelf lights. At Laidishine, we understand the importance of creating a visually appealing shopping environment that captures customers’ attention and encourages purchasing decisions. Lighting plays a vital role in achieving this and our team is excited to help our customers in this regard.

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Upgrade Your Commercial Refrigerated Display Cases with Laidishine LED Lighting

Upgrade Your Commercial Refrigerated Display Cases with Laidishine LED Lighting
When it comes to lighting upgrades for commercial refrigerated display cases, one of the biggest concerns for businesses is the cost and time involved in replacing the entire display case. With simple installation, low maintenance, customizable options, energy efficiency, and improved product presentation, Leddison LED lighting can help your business stand out in a competitive market.

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Laidishine & ChinaShop 2023

We invite you to visit our booth at Chinashop2023, where you can experience our products firsthand and learn more about our lighting solutions. Our booth number is N2020.

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