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Five good ideas for shelf light

Based on the pain point of the shelf lamp industry, this paper gives five good ideas about shelf light to help the retail store industry increase retail sales
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Supermarkets and convenience stores are essential elements of our everyday lives, and the shelf is an important place to show goods. Because the lighting effect directly influences the customer’s shopping experience and the display effect of goods, many engineers continue to struggle when selecting shelf lights. For example, if the light material is not good, high temperatures will increase the risk of fire; if the lighting and color temperature are not chosen correctly, customers will be less likely to purchase.

shelf light

It is precisely because of these flaws that we get the opportunity to demonstrate our abilities.

Laidishine created the SNK series of shelf lights in response to retail industry pain points. Let’s look at some of Laidishine’s great shelf light ideas to assist you boost your shelf display and increase turnover.

1.  Decrease the size of the light body to make it simpler to hide

Laidishine innovation employs a novel two-color PC extrusion technology to create a flat and tiny product that is not exposed after installation, hence avoiding consumer distraction.

shelf light of Laidishine

2. Design the bracket for easy installation

Laidishine created a plastic mounting bracket that can be fitted with both magnets and screws, making installation and maintenance easier.

the bracket of shelf light

3.Can be in series with more?

Laidishine’s electronics allow multiple tubes to be connected in series, whereas other products on the market can be connected in series with as few as three. our SNK series can be connected with eight, That signifies one meter each and can be connected in sequence create eight-meter shelves. Moreover, the most surprising feature being is that the light effect remains constant from one to the next, rather than becoming darker and darker.

Shelf light display effect

4. The lamp body uses flame-retardant material

The SNK employs PC flame-retardant material. When the light works for a long period, the temperature rises. In the real use of the environment, even if the temperature is still high, our products will not burn phenomenon.

5. DC low voltage, cost-effective

While lamp power consumption is a source of concern for all retail store owners. Ladishine’s shelf lights is 24V DC. One meter consumes only 4.8 watts with more than 120lm/w.

Ladishine's shelf lights is 24V DC

These five ideas can create a more attractive display environment for your store, improve the customer shopping experience, save energy costs, and achieve a win-win situation for your store.

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