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Enhancing Freshness and Efficiency: Client Feedback on LED Lighting Retrofitting

Client Feedback on LED Lighting Retrofitting
LED LIGHTING from Laidishine

At Laidishine, we take pride in our commitment to innovation for the commercial refrigeration industry, especially for the commercial refrigerated showcases.

Recently, we received valuable feedback from one of our clients for their experience with Laidishine LED lighting solutions for refrigerated showcases. This client is focusing on providing professional services for local supermarkets and retailers. This time they helped a client who operates a thriving healthy food store and undertook retrofitting projects with our high CR>90 LED lighting into their refrigerated showcases. The results were not only visually stunning but also had a significant impact on the store’s efficiency.

LAIDISHINE refrigerated showcase lighting

One of the biggest benefits reported by our client was the noticeable improvement in the appearance of fruits and vegetables displayed in the refrigerated showcases. With Laidishine LED lighting’s high color rendering capability, set at CR>90, the produce looked exceptionally fresh, vibrant, and appetizing. This enhanced visual appeal helped to attract more customers, meanwhile, increasing sales, as customers were drawn to the display’s inviting and enticing appearance.

Similar to most of the stores, the energy bill caused by the refrigeration systems is about 30% in the total bill. The owner cares a lot about how to save money on the energy bill. By replacing outdated lighting systems with energy-efficient LEDs, the client experienced a reduction in their energy bills. This not only aligns with our commitment to sustainability but also provides a practical benefit to businesses looking to optimize their operational costs without compromising on quality or performance.

This LED lighting retrofitting project was a testament to the impact of modern lighting solutions in commercial settings. Especially in the retail sector where visual appeal and energy efficiency are paramount. We are happy to have played a role in helping the retailers create a visually stunning and energy-efficient environment and show their products in the best light

Join us in embracing the future of commercial refrigeration with Laidishine LED lighting.

Stay tuned for more success stories, industry insights, and innovative solutions from Laidishine.


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