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Models below T4 cannot replace the brightness of T8 tube light

From below T5, special electronic ballasts should be used,T8 tube light and ordinary inductive ballasts are difficult to start.
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Models below T4 cannot replace the brightness of T8,T8 tube light and cannot be commercialized for the time being,T8 tube light and cannot be widely used. T5 is a new-style tube. T8 is an old-fashioned tube. The main difference: T5 appears to be small and thin in appearance,T8 tube light and T8 is thick and long. The inner thing is that T5 is 50~~~~40% more energy-saving than T8, and its life span is nearly double that of T8. Straight fluorescent tubes are φ16mm (5/8 inch), φ26mm (1 inch),T8 tube light φ32mm (1 1/4 inch), φ38mm (1 1/2 inch),T8 tube light which are equivalent to T5, T8, T10 and T12 respectively. The T5 fluorescent lamp has good color rendering performance. Because it uses the rare earth three primary color phosphors configured by the three primary colors of red, green and blue,T8 tube light the color rendering index Ra can reach 80 or more.

And T5 fluorescent lighting has high efficiency. The luminous efficiency of the T5 fluorescent lamp with a correlated color temperature of 2700K is about 100LM/W,T8 tube light while the luminous efficiency of the ordinary T8 fluorescent lamp is about 70LM/W,T8 tube light and the luminous efficiency of the ordinary T12 fluorescent lamp is about 60LM/W. From below T5, special electronic ballasts should be used,T8 tube light and ordinary inductive ballasts are difficult to start.


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