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The difference between T8 tube light and similar products

T8 tube light lifespan and stability are far beyond the T8 fluorescent lamp
T8 tube light

In fact, not just T8 lamps,T8 tube light all fluorescent tubes contain mercury, which is harmful to humans. Disposing of fluorescent tubes indiscriminately can cause damage to the environment,T8 tube light so disposal of discarded fluorescent tubes becomes a problem. Only some countries and regions (such as South Korea, Brazil,T8 tube light and Taiwan) will recycle waste fluorescent tubes and dispose of them safely. Since only mercury vapor can be used in the fluorescent tube, the actual mercury content is very low (less than 1 mg),T8 tube light and it is difficult to recover by pumping air first. The gradual popularity of solid-state mercury fluorescent tubes can alleviate this difficulty.

The difference between T8 and similar products: In theory, T8 is brighter than T5,T8 tube light and the brightness will be higher if the diameter is larger. Nearly 80% of fluorescent lamps in China are still T8. Supermarkets, hospitals,T8 tube light factories, assembly lines, offices,T8 tube light and schools are almost all T8 lamps.

With the development of technology and technology is being updated,T8 tube light the current T5 lamp can replace the T8 fluorescent lamp,T8 tube light and the illuminance,T8 tube light lifespan and stability are far beyond the T8 fluorescent lamp. The most concern is energy saving. The ratio of 28 to 36+9 is obvious. Enterprises benefit and the country saves energy.


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