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The advantages of T8 tube light and incandescent lamp comparison

T8 tube light it can save more energy and electricity bills
T8 Tube Light

Compared with incandescent lamps,T8 tube light the advantages: T8 lamps have higher luminous efficiency than traditional light bulbs (incandescent lamps) of the same luminosity,T8 tube light because a higher proportion of the energy consumed is converted into visible light,T8 tube light and less is converted into heat energy. Fluorescent tubes of the same luminosity are in use.

The temperature is lower than that of incandescent lamps. Incandescent lamps generally can only convert about 10% of the input energy into visible light. T8 tubes with the same luminosity generally only need about 1/3 to 1/4 of the electricity consumed by the former,T8 tube light and their service life is about 10 to 20 longer than traditional bulbs. Much times.

Although the purchase cost of T8 lamps is slightly higher than that of incandescent lamps,T8 tube light it can save more energy and electricity bills. The longer life span also lowers its replacement cost. For businesses,T8 tube light it can also save the labor cost of replacing bulbs.


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