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Detailed introduction and historical description of the strip light

It is named after it is shaped like a light strip when it emits light.
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The light strip refers to the LED light is welded on a copper wire or a ribbon-shaped flexible circuit board with a special processing technology,strip light and then connected to a power source to emit light. It is named after it is shaped like a light strip when it emits light. Light strips have been widely used in buildings, bridges,strip light roads, gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, cars, ponds, underwater, advertising,strip light signs, signs and other fields, used as decoration or lighting, for various festivals, For example, Christmas, Halloween,strip light Valentine’s Day, Easter, National Day, etc. have added endless joy and festive atmosphere. With tenacious vitality,strip light it has entered the five major markets of advertising, decoration, construction, commercial and gift,strip light and is exported to Japan, Countries and regions such as the European Union and Australia. It is widely used in building corridors, bridges, guardrails, hotels, forest gardens, ballrooms,strip light advertising decoration places, etc.

The earliest process is to weld the LED on the copper wire,strip light and then cover the PVC tube or use the equipment to directly shape it. There are two types of round and flat. The title is distinguished by the number of copper wires and the shape of the light strip. Two wires It is called the second line,strip light the circle is added with a circle in front,strip light that is, the circle is two lines; the flat shape is added with the word flat in the front, that is, the flat two lines. Later,strip light it developed into the use of flexible circuit boards or FPC as the carrier. Because of its simpler processing technology,strip light easier quality control, longer life, higher color and brightness,strip light it gradually replaced the earlier processing technology and gradually became a trend. Because the light strips are generally soldered with LEDs,strip light there are also many called LED light strips, but they are simplified to light strips because the nouns are too long.


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