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The lighting design of the strip light

While providing the lighting function,strip light the light strip enriches the light environment and makes the indoor environment more layered.
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Bedroom: As a place to rest and sleep,strip light it should not be illuminated by too concentrated and dazzling light. The lighting design with lamp strips can avoid the glare of lamps to the greatest extent. Use warm color lamp strips and downlights to brighten the ceiling and wall of the bedroom And the bedside, etc.strip light can meet the requirements of the sleeping environment. The bed bottom lamp belt has the advantage of “seeing the light but not the light”. It uses the principle of indirect lighting to illuminate the light source through the reflection of walls, mirrors,strip light etc.strip light and is suitable for lighting at night.

Bathroom: Light strips are also commonly used in toilets,strip light especially in the ceiling area of the sink and under the mirror cabinet. The light strip hidden at the top provides basic lighting requirements and can also create an atmosphere. The light strip installed around the mirror plays a role of focusing and supplementing light,strip light and can also highlight the personality and style of the space.

When decorating,strip light most owners require the combination of aesthetics and practicality, and light strips can meet these two needs. While providing the lighting function,strip light the light strip enriches the light environment and makes the indoor environment more layered. Starting from the owner’s living habits,strip light the designer perfectly outlines a free, flexible,strip light and imaginative texture space while playing the basic lighting role of the light strip according to the space layout and interior style,strip light presenting distinctive visual effects and bringing A different home living environment.


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