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Unique design of LED panel light

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The LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy and anodized. The light source is LED. The design of the whole lamp is beautiful and simple,LED panel light luxurious and luxurious. It not only has good lighting effects,LED panel light but also brings people. The feeling of beauty.

The LED panel light has a unique design. The light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance to form a uniform plane luminous effect. The uniformity of illumination is good, the light is soft,LED panel light comfortable and bright,LED panel light which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. LED panel lights can also prevent radiation and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women,LED panel light the elderly, and children.

Frame and base plate: The heat dissipation performance of the frame and base plate of the LED panel light is different according to different materials,LED panel light and the price is also different. The price of using 6063 aluminum profile is about 50-80 yuan (the price is different for different specifications). Light guide plate and diffusion plate: The price of the production line of LED panel light manufacturers is about 60-80 yuan (12 sheets). The quality of the light guide plate is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of the LED panel light. The use of high-quality light guide plates can make the finished LED panel lights emit more uniformly. There will be no dark spots, water ripples,LED panel light etc.

Lamp beads and patches: Now the price of 3014 with 11lm on the market is usually between 0.13-0.16. Good lamp beads not only have stable performance,LED panel light good brightness and low light decay,LED panel light but also have a much better color rendering index. 600x600LED panel light with 360 beads, about 53 yuan. Basically,LED panel light they are made with 11×23 or 11x26mil chips,LED panel light and the lamp bead patch is about a penny/pcs. Aluminum substrate: The LED panel light has 4 aluminum substrates for light input on all sides,LED panel light and 2 aluminum substrates for light input on both sides. Each 600×600 is about 1.5 yuan.


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