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Introduction to the use of strip light

This post will tell how to use light strips.
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How to use light strips: Whether to install light strips on the ceiling of the hallway depends on the specific apartment type. If the hallway is long and the lighting is not good,strip light you can install light strips on both sides of the ceiling, which not only increases the light source but also expands the visual effect of the space. Designing light strips in the porch cabinet can enhance the internal brightness of the cabinet and act as a night light,strip light which can transition to other areas such as the living room by light.

The light strips in the living room are usually installed around the ceiling, in fact,strip light they can also be installed on the side of the ceiling, usually in the area with insufficient lighting,strip light to make up for natural lighting and at the same time shape the three-dimensional sense of the space. It is also more and more common to install light strips on the sofa background wall. A warm light strip is installed in the middle of the wall to connect various spaces in the room,strip light which is very charming.

The installation of light strips in the restaurant mainly considers the color of the light and the creation of the dining atmosphere. Generally,strip light soft lighting is used in the ceiling,strip light side cabinets and other places to blend the light and heavy colors of the restaurant to achieve a visual balance and create a relaxed dining atmosphere. The most common light strip in the kitchen is installed under the wall cabinet,strip light which is very practical, because the light projected from the top will form a shadow to block the chopping and cooking,strip light which is very inconvenient. Installing the light strip under the wall cabinet can provide enough for the operation table. Light.


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