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Introduction to the role of strip light

Strip light the light strip can make the ordinary unique and make the space more stylish.
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The function of the light strip: the light strip is generally hidden in the ceiling, wall or ground,strip light and the sense of existence is weakened through the hidden form,strip light and it is gradually arranged along the corresponding space outline,strip light and the unique geometric or curved shape is concaved with the wall . For example,strip light the most common ceiling light strips, the clever combination of light strips and shelves,strip light have both functionality and good lighting effects, rendering a refined and fashionable atmosphere.

Simply put,strip light the light strip can make the ordinary unique and make the space more stylish. This ingenious lighting design is derived from a design concept of “light washing the wall. It was first created by two design masters, Richard Kelly and Philip Johnson. It refers to the use of multiple hidden light sources to form a set of floodlights,strip light The wall is evenly illuminated. “Let the light wash through the wall like water”,strip light which greatly enhances the beauty of the space.

Since then,strip light the concept of “light washing the wall” has been widely used by designers and is still in use today. The light strips hidden on the ceiling,strip light wall or ground clearly show the outline of the space,strip light which makes the bright space brighter and has the function of guiding the vision. Therefore, if the light strips are arranged reasonably,strip light the temperament of the home will be unique. Then,strip light where can the light strips be embedded in the home space,strip light so that the space level can be improved instantly?


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