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Choice of strip light

The main function of the light strip is to embellish
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Choice: First of all,strip light we must know that the light strip can only play an embellishment role,strip light not the main lighting role. Secondly, the light strips are all one section of a whole meter,strip light so you should use as much as you need. For the color,strip light you can choose warm white and moonlight white. Because the main function of the light strip is to embellish,strip light it is recommended to use warm white, so that the effect of the living room and dining room will be warmer and more attractive;strip light use moonlight white for a long time If you want a refreshing effect,strip light you can consider using blue light.

The difference between flat 3 and flat 4 is that flat 3 has 2 rows of beads,strip light and flat 4 has 3 rows of beads,strip light so the main difference is brightness. If the number of beads is the same, that is the difference in length. In addition,strip light if you want to have embellishment and lighting, you can install a T5 bracket. The price may be expensive,strip light but the effect is good.


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