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The Drawbacks Of LED Lights

We talked about the advantages of current LED lighting, to sum up the following points.
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We talked about the advantages of current LED lighting, to sum up the following points:

Overview of LED benefits

Very long lifespan

Low power consumption

High shock resistance

No danger of burning

No start-up delay

Adjustable brightness

Wide range of colors

No pollutants

Flexible design

Easy replacement

However, are there any drawbacks of LED lights?

Besides the many advantages of modern LED lamps, there are also some disadvantages, at least at first glance. Compared to the many benefits these are of little importance. But for the sake of completeness these should not be missing.

Higher purchase cost

The price for a single LED light from a brand manufacturer is often 10 $ and more. Compared to the old incandescent lamps, this initially seems quite expensive. However, if one considers the many advantages of LED technology, the price relativizes very quickly.

In particular, the low energy consumption and long lifespan often make the purchase price per year even lower than with the old halogen and energy-saving lamps.

Decreasing brightness

Cheap no-name LED lamps often lose their original light intensity quickly. The lamps do not break down immediately, but the brightness decreases relatively quickly. There is no problem with well-known LED lamps. Here the brightness only decreases towards the end of the specified lifespan.

Wide variety

Buying a halogen lamp was easy. This had to fit into the corresponding lamp socket and have the required wattage for the desired brightness. You didn’t have to pay attention to much more.


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