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The 10 Benefits Of LED Lighting (3)

With the breakthrough of LED technology a modern and future-proof light source came onto the market. Here are the 10 advantages of current LED lighting.
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Let’s continue to talk about the advantages of current LED lighting:

  1. Wide range of colors

LEDs give light in all colors and there is also a wide range of white LED lamps with a huge variety of color temperatures. This allows the desired lighting mood to be created at any location.

With halogen lamps, other colors could only be produced with colored films. Cold white was not possible with halogen. If you like it colorful, you will also find so-called RGB LED lamps, which can be adjusted to the desired color at any time.

As our products, we make LED lightings in a variety of color temperatures, and according to the food types in the displayed refrigerator or shelf , give cold white or warm or pink, etc.

  1. No pollutants

A major disadvantage of energy-saving lamps is the mercury they contain. This is highly toxic, which is why the lamps must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Another problem arises if a lamp breaks and the mercury escapes uncontrolled.

LED lamps do not contain any highly toxic pollutants, but in the event of a defect they must still be disposed of via the electrical waste due to the integrated electronics.

  1. Flexible design

Due to the compact design of LEDs, a very flexible design of LED luminaires is possible. So it is possible to produce LED replacements for the familiar lamp sockets and bases. In principle, it is possible to produce any type of construction, which is why there are virtually no limits to the design of a luminaire.

  1. Easy replacement

The uniform sockets make it easy to switch from halogen or energy-saving lamps to LED lamps. LED bulbs for the sockets of old lamps are often referred to as LED replacement or retrofit.


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