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The 10 Benefits Of LED Lighting (2)

With the breakthrough of LED technology a modern and future-proof light source came onto the market. Here are the 10 advantages of current LED lighting.
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Let’s continue to talk about the advantages of current LED lighting:

  1. No danger of burning

Because of their high efficiency, LED lights generate significantly less waste heat than halogen lamps. Halogen lamps will become very hot during operation that they should not be touched, however, LED lamps are usually hand-warmed, so there is no risk of burns. This makes it easy, to align an LED floor lamp while it is switched on.

But be careful, there are some very small but powerful LED lights. Due to their design, there is only a minimal cooling surface, where the heat loss can be dissipated. Therefore these lamps can become very hot despite LED technology and should not be touched during operation.

  1. No start-up delay

Energy-saving lamps in particular often took several minutes to reach full brightness. This meant that they were unusable for all locations where the light was only turned on for a short time. These include stairwells for example. If you want to take something out of the cellar, the cellar stairs should be brightly lit immediately after pressing the light switch and not when you come back up the stairs.

This problem does not exist anymore with LED lights. These do not flicker when switched on and light up immediately with their full brightness.

  1. Adjustable brightness

In the early days of LED technology, dimmable LED lamps were the exception. There were only luminaires whose brightness could be adjusted in several steps. In the meantime, the problem no longer exists and many LED lights can be dimmed continuously.

However, dimming an LED is technically far more complex than with a halogen lamp. It should be noted that not every LED light is dimmable. This must always be stated on the packaging. Also the used dimmer must be compatible for LEDs.


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