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Is the cold storage light really so important

This article expounds the importance of the cold room light and points for attention when choosing cold storage light , as well as the recommendation.
cold room light

Temperature management is often recognized as the most important feature of refrigeration facilities. The importance of illumination appears to be a minor concern. However, illumination within cold storage facilities is significantly more important than is often thought. Cold storage lighting is specifically developed for the peculiar requirements of these places, and it has a direct relationship to the lighting effect of the cold room and food quality.

This essay will go into the multifarious importance of cold storage lighting, including the following points:

cold room light

Be safe

Safety is crucial in every industrial environment, including refrigerated stores. For example, on damp floors when sight is limited owing to moisture and low temperatures, appropriate lighting reduces these dangers by improving visibility and decreasing the possibility of accidents. Workers who run machinery or handle inventories rely primarily on adequate lighting to perform safely and efficiently. 

Increase work efficiency

Adequate refrigerated illumination can greatly increase efficiency. An efficient lighting system improves visibility, allowing workers to identify and retrieve objects more quickly and saving wasted time.

Lighting effect of cold storage

Keep food fresh

The cold room light might help keep the food fresh. In addition to providing lighting to help identify freshness and spoilage, the cold room light creates little heat and emits little or no UV radiation, which is critical for maintaining the quality and integrity of perishable foods. Traditional lighting sources, such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, emit heat and ultraviolet radiation, which can reduce the temperature sensitivity of stored products, resulting in damage or degradation.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Cold room lights are LED tubes that consume significantly less power than conventional lighting systems. Furthermore, prolonging the life of LED lighting reduces maintenance expenses because these lights require less frequent replacement, resulting in long-term savings for facility owners.

So we’re on the correct track when it comes to chilly room lighting.

Low-Temperature resistance performance

It is critical to ensure that the chosen lights can endure the extreme cold temperatures seen in cold storage areas. Lights with good low-temperature resistance performance can function reliably and efficiently even in sub-zero temperatures, providing consistent illumination throughout the storage space.

Waterproof and dustproof performance

Given the high humidity levels and probable moisture accumulation inside cold storage facilities, it is critical to select lighting fixtures with outstanding waterproof and dustproof capabilities. These measures protect the lighting system’s integrity by avoiding water entry and dust collection, which would otherwise degrade performance and longevity.

Energy efficiency and conservation

Prioritizing energy-efficient lighting solutions, such as LED lights, not only lowers operational costs but also contributes to sustainability goals. LED lights utilize much less energy than older lighting technologies, helping to conserve energy and reduce the facility’s environmental footprint.

Lighting effects

Optimal lighting in cold storage environments entails more than just illumination; it also includes delivering uniform and soft lighting effects. Harsh or uneven lighting can cast shadows, making it difficult for employees to effectively assess goods or navigate the space. Choosing lighting and fixtures that provide steady, glare-free illumination promotes a comfortable and productive work environment.


When choosing lighting for cold storage facilities, it is critical to follow all applicable safety standards and laws. Lights must fulfill high safety standards to protect staff safety and food product quality. Choosing safety-certified and tested luminaires reduces the risks connected with electrical dangers and gives facility operators peace of mind.

Cold storage facility managers may make informed judgments when selecting lighting systems that fulfill operational objectives while also improving safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

You may be asking if there are any recommendations. Of course, the editor examined numerous types of chilly room lights on the market and discovered one that works: the CRT series manufactured by Laidishine.

CRT series can produce a brightness of 160 watts, although most on the market can only accomplish 120-130 watts, allowing it to give an appropriate lighting environment.

Furthermore, its operating temperature range is -25°C to +10°C, making it non-perishable at low temperatures. Furthermore, the all-plastic design prevents condensation water from entering the light body, and the sealed light caps use specific technology to limit thermal expansion and contraction, extending service life and saving costs. Additionally, Waterproof IP69K redefines the waterproof standard for cold room lighting.

CRT series for cold room

To summarize, as an essential component of the cold storage environment, the selection and use of cold storage light is critical to keeping food fresh, improving labor efficiency, and saving energy. Although the value of refrigerated illumination cannot be overstated, it is sometimes overlooked or underestimated in facility design and operation. Inadequate lighting or reliance on old lights can jeopardize safety, reduce productivity, and compromise product quality. As a result, refrigerated facility managers must prioritize lighting challenges and invest in high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions that are tailored to their company’s specific requirements.


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