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High Voltage And Low Voltage In LED Lightings(2)

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What means low voltage?

Low voltage LED lights are mostly operated with a voltage of 12V or 24V. Depending on the lamp or luminaire, both a DC voltage (DC) or an AC voltage (AC) may be required. This voltage is usually generated by a transformer from the mains supply.

Low voltage LED lights normally contain only the LED and its driver. Due to the missing integrated power supply there is little power dissipation and a very high efficiency can be achieved. Especially for installations with several spotlights, a central power supply is usually the more appropriate option. Operation with 12V low voltage is harmless and preferable for cable systems or wet rooms.

So the advantages of line (high) voltage LED lights are:

1.Lower power dissipation/waste heat

2.High efficiency

3.Non-hazardous voltage

About low voltage cons, all low voltage LED lights require a suitable LED transformer for operation. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, but it only makes sense for installations with several LEDs or spotlights. The transformer should match the performance of the light installation, otherwise the high efficiency of the individual LEDs will be wasted in the transformer.

So if use low voltage LED lightings, we should know:

1.Transformer required

2.Higher planning effort

3.When to choose which technology


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