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High Voltage And Low Voltage In LED Lightings (1)

High voltage (also known as line voltage) and low-voltage technology exists much longer than LED technology.
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High voltage (also known as line voltage) and low-voltage technology exists much longer than LED technology. LED lights have many advantages compared to old incandescent bulbs. There are now many light sources and luminaires in a high-voltage and low-voltage version available. Our products also have high voltage type and low voltage type.

LED lights in the line voltage version can be operated directly with the mains voltage, for example, in the USA, it is 120V, and in China, it is 220V. The term line voltage is used for alternating voltages in the range of 30 to 1,000 volts. Actually the term line voltage has nothing to do with high voltage, because high voltage is usually referred to as an alternating voltage of 1,000 volts or more. But usually we used to refer to the mains voltage as high voltage in daily life.

Line voltage LED lights have their own integrated power supply unit and can be operated directly with the mains supply. No extra transformer is needed. When converting to LED, the old lamps can simply be replaced with retrofit LEDs. So the advantages of line (high) voltage LED lights are: 1. No transformer required

  1. Simple conversion to LED.

But line voltage LED lights have a higher power dissipation than the low-voltage version due to the integrated power supply unit. This results in higher waste heat, which can be a problem depending on the installation situation. With mains voltage, all safety regulations must be observed during connection and operation.

Our T8 Series LED lightings are line voltage. They can be quickly installed and are very suitable to replace conventional fluorescent lamps.


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