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LED Lights Too Bright? How To Reduce The Blinding (3)

Today we would like to talk about how can we can do when LED device lamps are too bright.
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Today we would like to talk about how can we can do when LED device lamps are too bright.

Many technical appliances have integrated indicator LEDs. Whether WIFI router, charger or receiver: LEDs are installed everywhere to indicate the operating status. Some of these LEDs are much too bright and sometimes even blink. If this device is located in your living room or even in the bedroom, these device lamps are very annoying.

What to do?

Switch off status lights

Covering LED displays

Darken indicator LEDs

Switch off status lights

Many devices such as routers or set-top boxes have a configuration menu. Sometimes there is a corresponding option to switch off the status lights completely or even to set a time period in which nothing should light up. You can find out whether your device offers this option by reading the user manual or doing a short online research.

Covering LED displays

Many bright indicator lamps cannot be switched off. With an opaque adhesive tape, however, the annoying LEDs can simply be covered. Especially with tissue adhesive tape, one should keep in mind that residues can occur when removing the tape.

Darken indicator LEDs

Often one does not want to completely deactivate or mask the device lamps that are too bright. After all, many status LEDs have a useful function and indicate a corresponding operating status of the device. In this case, the LEDs can be masked with a translucent adhesive foil, painted with a dark pen or with dipping varnish. So nothing dazzles anymore, but the status of the device remains visible.


Too bright LED lamps are causing an uncomfortable light and often are dazzling. Now you know what you can do with too bright LED lights to darken them. You can also use these tips to make these annoying device lamps darker or even deactivate them.


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