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Are LED Lights Too Bright? How To Reduce The Blinding (2)

LED lights are very economical, but sometimes produce a very bright light. Last time we talked about what can we do against bright LED illuminants, now let’s continue to talk how to darken luminaire with integrated LEDs.
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LED lights are very economical, but sometimes produce a very bright light. Last time we talked about what can we do against bright LED illuminants, now let’s continue to talk about how to darken luminaire with integrated LEDs.

Modern LED luminaires usually have integrated light-emitting diodes. Here, it is only visible after purchasing how exactly they radiate their light. Some ceiling luminaires or pendant luminaires above the dining table do not have such good light distribution. From some directions, the light appears too bright and even dazzles. In contrast to normal LED light sources, the LEDs here cannot be replaced by a weaker variant.

What to do?

a. Change alignment

b. Use a dimmer

c. Use a diffuser foil

Change alignment

Many luminaires have movable spotlights. A different orientation or inclination is the easiest way to solve the problem. Even if there are no movable spotlights, the mounting direction of the luminaire can still be changed with little effort. A slight rotation of the luminaire is often sufficient to prevent the glare.

Use a dimmer

Many LED lights are only too bright in certain situations. For example, one would like to have cozy lighting while eating, and for clearing and cleaning the table, it may become brighter again. The use of an LED dimmer is recommended here. So you can always adjust the brightness accordingly.

Use a diffuser foil

Furthermore, there are so-called diffuser foils, which cause a scattering of the light. Depending on the installation situation, such a foil can be attached in front of the LED illuminant. Due to the wider light distribution, the light source no longer appears as bright.

Attention: This is a workaround

The installation of a diffuser in front of an LED lamp should only be considered as a workaround and is used at your own risk. It should only be carried out in exceptional cases and only for lamps with a low wattage of just a few watts. Otherwise, heat accumulation could occur. The lamp may burn out or, in the worst case, even catch fire!


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