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High Voltage And Low Voltage In LED Lightings (3)

Neither line-voltage nor low-voltage technology is better in general. But depending on the situation, one or the other variant is recommended.
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The previous section has shown that neither line-voltage nor low-voltage technology is better in general. But depending on the situation, one or the other variant is recommended.

Existing installations

When converting existing installations to LEDs, it is recommended that the previously used voltage variant is retained. The advantage is that you can continue to use the cabling. Only the lamps or spotlights need to be replaced. For low voltage installations, the transformer may also need to be replaced with an LED power supply to avoid problems such as flickering or flashing.

Keep high or low voltage variant with existing electrical installation

DC or AC voltage

Some low voltage LED lamps require 12V DC voltage, others require 12V AC voltage. Most of the LED lamps have an integrated rectifier and can be operated with both DC and AC voltage. Please note that when operating with 12V AC, additional rectifier losses will occur. A power supply with 12V DC is preferable.

Choose AC/DC transformer according to your LED lights

LED spots and recessed lights

With LED recessed lights and ceiling spots, the decision for line-voltage or low-voltage technology is the most difficult. For safety reasons, some electricians recommend LED recessed spotlights in low-voltage technology for wet rooms such as bathrooms. The transformer should then also be installed outside the room. Low-voltage spotlights are expected to have a longer lifespan due to their lower power dissipation.

Choose low-voltage spots for wet rooms

If many spotlights with high luminous power should be installed to illuminate larger rooms, the line-voltage version is more recommended. In contrast to the 12V version, the line losses are not significant with mains supply.

Choose line-voltage spots for long cable path

And about the LED lightings for commercial refrigerator or freezer, the line-voltage type is still in common use, but low-voltage type is gradually becoming a trend.


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