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About Quick-frozen food – Part 1

Let’s talk about the things about quick-frozen.
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LED lights for commercial display freezer are our main products, like LBF Series, SRF Series, T8 Series, etc.

There must be quick-frozen food displayed in the freezer. Let’s talk about the things about quick-frozen.

Quick-frozen foodstuffs are those subjected to the ‘quick-freezing’ process, in which the temperature zone of maximum crystallisation is spanned as rapidly as possible and the product is then held (after thermal stabilisation) at a temperature of – 18 °C or lower.

Quick freezing must be carried out promptly, using appropriate technical equipment, on raw materials of sound, genuine and saleable quality. Only air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide meeting specific purity criteria may be utilised as cryogenic media ( very low temperatures).

Deviations from the temperature of – 18 °C for quick-frozen foods are permitted during transport and local distribution and in retail display cabinets. The deviation in such instances must not exceed 3 °C.


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