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Introduction to the advantages of LED panel light

LED panel light is economical and the sustainable development of society plays an important role.
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Application range: LED panel lights are widely used,LED panel light and there is a trend to replace grille lights; LED panel lights are mainly used in: ceilings (replace the original grille lights);LED panel light walls (not only for lighting purposes,LED panel light but also artistic expression); installation Body (the pursuit of a combination of practicality and art,LED panel light convenient and simple installation); others (also can be used in other places,LED panel light such as train boxes or large mobile cars, counters, etc.).

Advantages: LED panel lights use ultra-high-brightness LEDs as the light source,LED panel light which is suitable for indoor lighting in hotels, bars, western restaurants, coffee shops, home interior decoration,LED panel light and other indoor lighting. It can directly replace the original ordinary fluorescent lamps with higher brightness. The main performance and characteristics of LED panel lights are as follows: LED panel lights are designed to be flexible. LED is a point-shaped luminous body. The designer can design various shapes and particles of different shapes and particles according to customer requirements through the flexible combination of points, lines and surfaces. Light source,LED panel light its design is very flexible.

The LED panel light adopts a uniformly luminous reflective panel and a sealed design,LED panel light combined with a high-efficiency light guide plate,LED panel light and is made of aluminum alloy materials. The luminous effect is uniform and the illuminance is higher. The LED panel light has a light and thin appearance, complete heat dissipation function,LED panel light low power and less heat. The theoretical life of LED is as long as 100,000 hours. If calculated by 8 hours per day,LED panel light its theoretical life span is more than 27 years. The theoretical life of the CPL lamp cup is even more than 100,000 hours.

LED panel lights can adjust the light color according to different needs and environmental changes,LED panel light not only without radiation and glare,LED panel light but also can protect eyesight,LED panel light and the light color is more gentle. In the LED panel light, the LED light source is a high-hardness resin luminous body instead of tungsten wire glass, etc.LED panel light which is not easily damaged, so its vibration resistance is relatively high, and its environmental temperature adaptability is strong. The LED panel light can be controlled by various dynamic programs through an external controller,LED panel light and can adjust the color temperature and brightness.

LED panel lights have low power consumption: At the same time,LED panel light LED panel lighting technology is still a green lighting technology. The products do not contain mercury, have less waste,LED panel light and there is almost no pollution in the manufacturing process. Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of recyclability and recyclability,LED panel light which is economical. The sustainable development of society plays an important role.


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