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Installation form of LED panel light

LED panel light it can be hung on the ceiling or below the installation body.
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Installation form: It can be embedded in the ceiling,LED panel light wall and surface of the installation body;LED panel light it can be hung on the ceiling or below the installation body. When inlaid on a white ceiling, the entire ceiling is one color,LED panel light very beautiful, neat and coordinated; LED panel light adopts wide-frequency voltage design (AC85-240V/50-60Hz),LED panel light which can be used in countries all over the world;LED panel light high-power LED adopts isolated power supply,LED panel light Constant current or constant voltage drive, high power efficiency,LED panel light no pollution to the grid, stable performance, safe and reliable;

LED panel light is a new type of surface light source that uses similar LCD TV backlight technology. It has soft light and beautiful appearance. It has been widely favored by European and American customers. A large number of foreign businessmen are looking for high-quality,LED panel light good-service and high-priced panel light products and supplies. Quotient;

The LED panel light seems to be just a simple lighting fixture, but due to its high market positioning,LED panel light customers have extremely demanding quality requirements for this product, and the product itself involves materials, heat, optics,LED panel light structure, hardware,LED panel light and electronics. In many fields, generally companies do not have a complete development team, sufficient development experience,LED panel light and follow-up supply chain management capabilities. It is difficult to develop successfully. In addition,LED panel light they have an unclear understanding of market requirements. Therefore,LED panel light a large amount of development costs are invested in exchange for only A product that the customer does not approve.


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