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Why LEDs Consume Less Power (2)

What a semiconductor (transistor) is and how it functions?
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A semiconductor is found at the center of an LED bulb. It is the technological component responsible for reducing energy bills. But how exactly does it work?

What a semiconductor (transistor) is and how it functions…

The semiconductor creates a minor splice in the circuit. This severance is referred to as a juncture. One negatively charged plate and one positively charged plate make up the junction.

The plates are secured in a position such that they face each other but do not contact. Because of the negative/positive attraction, electricity is compelled to cross the junction when linked to a circuit.

The plate that receives the energy, on the other hand, does not have the capability to allow all of the energy to proceed down the circuit. Energy must be liberated and emitted as light.

This means that light is truly a byproduct of a basic electrical circuit – in other words, instead of powering something else to generate light, the electricity is used to make its own.

This is why LED consumes less power than other traditional lighting technologies.

So when our LED lightings used in the commercial refrigeration or under shelves, they can consume much less power and help to lower the cost.


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