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Thermomanagement and energy consumption in the retail sector

Our LED systems have an extremely long durability and need only a third of the energy for the same brightness compared to a convert conventional solution.
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For fresh displays on refrigerated counters,the lighting must generate very little heat. Laidishine products emit particularly limited amount of heat and do not contain any UV light. Sensitive products such as meat, fish, cheese, cheese and specialty cakes therefore look tasty for longer and stock losses are reduced.

Retail stores in modern and fast growing world which want to achieve high sales numbers should have the operation expenses under control-especially facing the significantly increasing energy costs.

The average power consumption in a grocery store is 413 kilowatt-hours per square meter sales floor per year. The average non-food retail store consumes 198 kilowatt-hours per square meter sales floor per year. With about 53% energy consumption in the non-food area the investment into efficient LED lighting solutions makes sense and is an uncomplicated measure. At about 27% energy consumption in the food area the lighting of the retail store accounts for about 41% and therefore plays a significant role.

Conventional neon tubes create quite a high amount of brightness at about 10000lm and 70W(1500mm length at 4000K). However, the light distribution needs to be considered in the direct comparison to the energy saving LED solution. Neon tubes which emit light with 360 degrees very often illuminate parts of furniture or areas where no light is needed at all. In order to direct the light towards the sales goods the lighting mostly uses reflectors on the back side. However they loose their effectiveness as soon as the reflector gets dirty.

The light of our LBF type(1500mm length at 4000K) gets directed by a precision lense exactly to where it’s needed. The front of and area around the goods get illuminated with only 16W and 1340lm with the identical brightness. The level of the effectiveness needs to be looked at in case a change of the lighting system gets considered. Our LED systems have an extremely long durability and need only a third of the energy for the same brightness compared to a convert conventional solution.


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