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New uses of LED lighting technology

LED is the abbreviation of "Light Emitting Diode", a semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into light energy.
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LED is the abbreviation of “Light Emitting Diode”, a semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into light energy. LED lights generate less heat and convert electrical energy into light energy as much as possible. In contrast, the traditional lighting method (incandescent lamp) generates more heat, and a lot of electric energy is converted into heat energy, so the energy-saving advantage of LED is obvious. It is currently the world’s advanced lighting technology. Now LED has been widely used in indoor and outdoor lighting, display screens, traffic lights, automotive lights and other fields, like the products we made, used in refrigerator、freezer、cold room、shelf.

But LED are not only used for simple lighting, in visible light communication technology, LED can realize data transmission while providing lighting function. And when LED is used in plant irradiation, it can help plants grow. In addition, these applications are also worthy of attention: food testing; insecticidal; sterilization; water purification.

Looking forward to the development of LED lighting technology to bring more interesting and healthy experiences to us humans.


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