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Foods Should Not Be Refrigerated (2)

Did you know that there are many foods that we should stop refrigerating?
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When we go to the supermarket, do you notice what foods are displayed in the refrigerator or freezer? And do you notice the LED lightings in the refrigerated display cases? The LED lightings for the cooled food not only illuminate them, but can also make them look prettier and more attractive. But some foods should not be refrigerated, let’s continue to see:


The best way to store onions is in a paper bag in a cool, dark spot, away from potatoes. Potatoes tend to release moisture and gases that can cause onions to rot. They soften and impart an oniony scent on nearby foods. The moisture of the fridge softens the onions and moldy.


Just like other condiments, most salad dressing, especially ones that are vinegar or oil-based, are just fine stored outside the fridge. However, cream, yogurt, or mayo-based dressings should be stored in the fridge.


Tomatoes lose their flavor and start becoming mushy when stored inside the fridge. In order to ripen the tomatoes faster, however, store them out of the fridge in a paper bag. Once ripe, they’ll last for about three days.


Thanks to the vinegar and preservatives, the saucy ketchup and soy sauce will be just fine without refrigeration, even after it has been opened.


Your morning cereals will be fine and happy outside the fridge. So don’t upset them.

10) OILS

Pretty much all oils are safe to store at room temperature. If the oil has a lower saturated-fat content, such as safflower or sunflower, it will benefit from being kept cool, so store it in a dark cabinet or the fridge door. The only oils that you must refrigerate are nut-based oils.


You all know this. Coffee fares best in an airtight container. In fact, refrigeration condenses coffee and reduces the flavor.


High on preservatives, pickles will stay fresh outside the fridge. Store it in an open space, so air can move around it.


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