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Horizontal Lighting Shelf light SNK-S Series

● Cost-effective and safe use,with extra-low voltage;
● Suitable for low-temperature refrigerated cabinets -20 to +25℃ (IP 65);
● Installation: via magnet or screw clip;
● Brilliant light with CRI 80;

Additional information




6 W – 13.5 W

Operating voltage

24 V DC

Luminaire type

Cooling unit lighting

Light efficientcy

Up to 130 lm/W

Colour Consisency



L80 B10 35,000 h @ 10℃

Operating temperature

-25℃ to + 25℃




3 Years



Related Parameter Files

Related Parameter Files

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Product Details

Product name Length (mm) Lumen( lm)    transparent cover Power     (W) Colour renderig Index Colour temperature (K)
Horizontal SNK L585 587 725 6 80 3000K
Horizontal SNK L585 587 750 6 80 4000K
Horizontal SNK L585 587 780 6 80 5700K
Horizontal SNK L585 587 584 6 80 Fresh meat
Horizontal SNK L900 900 1015 8.4 80 3000K
Horizontal SNK L900 900 1100 8.4 80 4000K
Horizontal SNK L900 900 1115 8.4 80 5700K
Horizontal SNK L900 900 860 8.4 80 Fresh meat
Horizontal SNK L950 950 1200 10.1 80 3000K
Horizontal SNK L950 950 1310 10.1 80 4000K
Horizontal SNK L950 950 1330 10.1 80 5700K
Horizontal SNK L950 950 1010 10.1 80 Fresh meat
Horizontal SNK L1200 1202 1450 11.8 80 3000K
Horizontal SNK L1200 1202 1545 11.8 80 4000K
Horizontal SNK L1200 1202 1565 11.8 80 5700K
Horizontal SNK L1200 1202 1185 11.8 80 Fresh meat
Horizontal SNK L1500 1500 1625 13.5 80 3000K
Horizontal SNK L1500 1500 1760 13.5 80 4000K
Horizontal SNK L1500 1500 1785 13.5 80 5700K
Horizontal SNK L1500 1500 1370 13.5 80 Fresh meat

Why Choose Us

For more than 10 years, Laidishine has been providing a wide range of professional lighting services and become an innovator LED cool light field to the global market.

Customers also want to enjoy their shopping time. During this process, products must be seen clearly in the correct light. A good lighting solution attracts customers’ attention and makes the products colorful and attractive.

To satisfy retailers, Laidishine researches and designs LED lights with unique beams. This optical lens technique will let your products give a breathtaking performance. Meanwhile, the right light solution will help to leave a strong brand image in the mind of customers.

It is well-known that good lighting solutions in supermarkets can enhance customers’ shopping experience. Various approaches of colour therapy show how much our awareness is affected by colour. Laidishine LED products Increased product visibility, merchandizes looks more appealing and the packaging stands out.

Conventional fluorescent lighting will generate a lot of heat, which will add extra work to the cooling cistern, in turn, low temperatures reduce the effectiveness of fluorescent lighting. Since refrigeration equipment typically accounts for about half of supermarket’s total electricity consumption, 25% of which is consumed by cabinet lighting. LaidishineLED, with its cool running and high energy sinciency, conquers these weaknesses.

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