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The T8 Tube Light Produced Are Not Only For Lighting

T8 tube light distribution

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There are three types of LED tube wiring: inductive LED tube wiring. Electronic LED tube wiring. Directly replace compatible LED tube wiring. If it is integrated, it is very simple,T8 tube light just insert the connector (the manufacturer will provide) into the lamp holder,T8 tube light and then connect the yellow and green wires to the ground wire, and the other two wires to the live wire and the neutral wire. However,T8 tube light many T8s are tubes and you have to buy A bracket (preferably the special LED provided by the manufacturer),T8 tube light then install the bracket, connect it in an integrated way, insert the lamp into the slot and turn it 90 degrees, with the light-emitting side facing out,T8 tube light if the bracket is with a starter Follow the instructions to do it.

All traditional modern light sources can meet basic lighting,T8 tube light and T8 tubes are not only for lighting, we care more about R&D and production of lamps that are not only for lighting,T8 tube light and more attention is paid to the overall performance of the lamps, the degree of environmental protection and energy saving,T8 tube light and the use of simple lighting lamps Gives more functions.

Many people believe that the higher the color temperature of LED products,T8 tube light the higher the luminous efficiency, and the brighter the interior looks. But in fact,T8 tube light the low color temperature will look more comfortable, and the relative energy consumption will be lower. People prefer to compare the illuminance of the lamp with sunlight. The light that looks more comfortable and soft is between 3000K and 3500K,T8 tube light so it is generally believed that the brighter the better,T8 tube light it is not necessarily correct.

A professional manufacturer of LED fluorescent tubes, of course,T8 tube light pursues more than just lighting. T8 tubes with high luminous efficiency, no glare, eye protection,T8 tube light energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable are what we have been insisting on,T8 tube light and we will follow the trend of the times to enter intelligent lighting together. era.

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