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Detailed Description Of T5 Lamp And T8 Tube Light Respectively

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What’s the difference between t5 lamp and t8 lamp? Do you know? I believe that many people do not understand this knowledge. Although these two kinds of lamps are fluorescent lamps,T8 tube light they have their own characteristics, t5 and t8. How to choose the lamp? What are the differences between t5 lamp and t8 lamp? Today I will talk to everyone about their difference and service life

T5-fluorescent tube (T5-fluorescent tube) is a type of fluorescent lamp,T8 tube light or fluorescent lamp, fluorescent tube, or fluorescent tube,T8 tube light with a diameter of 5/8 inches and a tube diameter of about 16 mm. It is a type of low-pressure gas discharge lamp. It uses an electric field to activate mercury vapor in the argon-neon mixture (Panning gas) to form a plasma discharge and emit short-wave ultraviolet rays,T8 tube light so that the three primary color phosphors on the inner wall of the tube emit visible light.

The T8 tube is a type of fluorescent lamp (or fluorescent tube, fluorescent tube,T8 tube light or fluorescent tube) with a diameter of 1 inch and about 25 mm. It is a type of gas discharge lamp. It uses electricity to activate mercury vapor in argon or neon gas to form plasma and emit short-wave ultraviolet rays,T8 tube light causing phosphors to emit visible fluorescence for illumination. The general fluorescent tube is made of glass,T8 tube light with sockets at both ends to connect the power supply and fix the position of the fluorescent tube.

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