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The Difference Between T5 Lamp And T8 Tube Light Is Detailed

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Both t5 and t8 lamps are low-pressure gas discharge lamps. The t8 tube is a traditional fluorescent tube. Their differences mainly lie in their size,T8 tube light brightness, energy saving,T8 tube light and service life.

Size: There are different opinions about the difference between t5 and t8 lamps. In fact,T8 tube light the difference between t5 and t8 lamps is very obvious in size. The size of t8 lamps is 25.4mm, which is much larger than t5 lamps. The size of the tube is 16 mm,T8 tube light which is easy to see. This is the easiest way to distinguish between t5 and t8 tubes.

In the same way,T8 tube light because the volume of the t8 tube is large, filled with more electrons and inert gas,T8 tube light and the brightness generated when it is energized, the t8 tube is more suitable than the t5 tube if you want a brighter tube. Life span: The life span of the t8 tube is 6000 to 8000 hours.

I want to remind everyone that the t5 tube is a new type of energy-saving fluorescent lamp,T8 tube light which is more in line with the concept of environmental protection and energy saving in terms of energy saving and service life. Therefore,T8 tube light when we buy a tube,T8 tube light we first need to consider the size of the lamp.

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