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What Is The Difference Between LED T5 Tube And T8 Tube Light?

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The difference between the size of LED tube T5 and T8: T stands for “Tube”,T8 tube light which means tubular, the number after T means the diameter of the tube, T8 has 8 “Ts”,T8 tube light and one “T” is 1/8 inch, one inch Equal to 25.4mm, then each “T” is 25.4÷8=3.175mm. The diameter of the T8 tube is 26mm,T8 tube light and the diameter of the T5 tube is 16mm.

The difference between the length of LED tube T5 and T8: The average T5 tube is 5CM shorter than the T8 tube (the length is different,T8 tube light and the interface is different). The difference between the brightness of LED tubes T5 and T8: Since the tube diameter of LED lamps T5 is much smaller than that of T8 and T12 lamps,T8 tube light T5 is brighter and more energy-saving than T8.

The difference between the application of LED tube T5 and T8: T5 and T8 have their own uses. T8 tubes are widely used in public areas, factories, hospitals,T8 tube light government agencies, public transportation advertisements, stations,T8 tube light etc.T8 has no figure It is everywhere, and the T8 tube is easy to integrate the built-in power supply. Due to the small diameter of the T5, it is currently difficult to drive the power supply directly into the traditional lamp tube. Only through integration can the power supply be built in or the power supply is directly external.

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