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Freezer Lighting LED Shelf Lighting Hard Light Bar Characteristics

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Freezer lighting LED shelf light hard light bar features: very convenient to use,shelf lighting very simple to install, just install the LED freezer light on the original freezer light bracket or directly install it on the freezer where it needs to be installed. According to the characteristics of display cabinets, freezers, island cabinets and other products,shelf lighting LED freezer lights can be customized according to the different needs of their products. Compared with traditional lamps,shelf lighting LED freezer lights and LED freezer lights do not contain toxic elements and are more environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Compared with ordinary fluorescent lamps, it is more energy-saving and electricity-saving,shelf lighting basically saving 50% of electricity bills.

The service life is long, up to more than 50,000 hours. At present,shelf lighting the scale of my country’s cold chain market is around 150 billion yuan. Food and agricultural products account for the vast majority of the cold chain,shelf lighting while pharmaceuticals and chemicals account for a relatively small proportion. With the rapid development of fresh food e-commerce and the continuous increase in the consumption of refrigerated food,shelf lighting my country’s cold chain logistics increase space will open up. The agency predicts that the cold chain logistics market will reach 400 billion yuan by 2020.

The development of the cold chain industry will also drive the development of its affiliated industries. Everyone will be prosperous,shelf lighting and everything will be destroyed. An important part of the cold chain, all kinds of cold chain equipment, such as refrigerators, freezers,shelf lighting refrigerators, fresh-keeping cabinets, freezers, Cold storage and other cold chain equipment will also follow the development,shelf lighting these equipment will be inseparable from lighting,shelf lighting most of the current lighting is LED lighting, because some LED freezer lights, LED freezer lights, LED refrigerator lights, LED cold storage lights will also follow the development .

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