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How To Design Supermarket Shelf Lighting To Attract Attention

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Supermarket shelves are nothing more than the shelves used to place goods in the supermarket,shelf lighting and we all know that supermarket shelves have display skills and a reasonable order,shelf lighting which will not only give customers a convenient feeling when buying goods,shelf lighting but also It can double the sales of goods and create greater performance for the supermarket. In addition,shelf lighting the lighting of supermarket shelves is also very particular. Reasonable lighting design can capture the attention of customers and stimulate the desire of customers to put them in the bag.

The conditions that supermarket shelf lighting should meet: Lamp selection: bat-wing light distribution,shelf lighting lamps are easy to form a light belt; light source: T5,shelf lighting T8 three-color straight tube fluorescent lamp, LED; color temperature selection: 4000K; power density: less than 17W/㎡;shelf lighting Color selection: Ra>80, R9>0; Vertical illuminance: 200~800lx for shelf elevation; the national standard does not stipulate,shelf lighting here is the empirical value; Average illuminance: 0.75m horizontal plane requires 500lx, refer to the national standard “Architectural Lighting Design Standard GB50034- 2013”; Arrangement: the light belt is arranged in the middle of the shelf,shelf lighting and the light belt is parallel to the shelf. The installation height of the luminaire is 0.5~2 meters higher than the shelf,shelf lighting which needs to be adjusted flexibly according to the site conditions and the light distribution of the luminaire.

When we go to the supermarket,shelf lighting we all have such a feeling. The places with good light and the promotion area are the places where there are more customers. This proves that the reasonable placement and lighting of the supermarket shelves can promote consumers’ consumption.So as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales for the supermarket.

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