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The Scope Of Application Of LED Freezer Shelf Lighting

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Scope of application of LED freezer lights: widely used in freezer interior lighting, refrigerator interior lighting, refrigerator lighting, bakery lighting,shelf lighting food factories, pharmaceutical factories, fishery lighting, edible fungi industry (suitable for waterproof, explosion-proof,shelf lighting inconvenient replacement All kinds of places are revolutionary products that replace traditional three-proof lights). It can also be applied to shelves,shelf lighting department store counters,shelf lighting jewelry counters, etc.

Features and advantages of LED freezer lights: The aluminum substrate used in the showcase lights has good heat dissipation and long service life. The unique power supply and light bar of the showcase lamp are integrated, easy to disassemble,shelf lighting easy to pack and install. Lighting LED freezer lights and showcase lights have no flicker,shelf lighting no electromagnetic radiation (even the traditional eye protection lights can’t do it) and eye protection, visual fatigue,shelf lighting and are healthier than eye protection lights. Illumination LED freezer lights and showcase lights use 2835 lamp beads,shelf lighting the brightness of the illuminated surface is higher,shelf lighting which effectively improves the visual effect of the application place; increases the internal brightness of the freezer.

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