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As per Zion Market Research study, Cold Chain Equipment market accrued ROI of approximately around US$ 108.60 billion in 2021 and is expected to gain income of almost US$ 205.80 billion in 2028. Apparently, Cold Chain Equipment industry is set to register humungous gains of nearly 9.8% in time interval of 2022 to 2028. Moreover, growth of cold chain equipment industry over forecasting years can be credited to need for storing vaccines and medicines in cold boxes or refrigerators. In addition to this, strict laws ensuring safety of food & pharmaceuticals at time of transit will boost growth of cold chain equipment market. Apparently, temperature sensitive medical equipment including insulin, vaccines, and biotech instruments require cold storage for preserving them and this has expedited use of cold chain equipment. Outbreak of COVID-19 and its swift spread had increased transport of various kinds of medicines as well as clinically tested samples across globe. This has led to la labs & firms requiring cold chain device for storing these products during transit. Massive demand for processed food & hygiene will define growth of cold chain equipment industry.

“Cold Storage, Warehouses and cold chain transportation facilities have expansive lighting needs, and the lighting needs to be able to keep out moisture and work in low temperatures. LED lighting is the perfect fit for this as they can operate in very cold temperatures and still maintain proper light output and lifespan. In addition, they save energy and produce a higher quality appearance, improving safety.

We manufacture the LED lightings for refrigerated display cabinets, freezers, cold storage, coldroom. If you are looking for these LED lights or troubled for lighting solutions, please feel free to inquiry us.

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