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Supermarket Lighting Design-are The Shelf Lighting On The Shelves Used Correctly?

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In the sales area,shelf lighting if the fluorescent lamp is weak, the effect of adding red incandescent light will be better. In straight supermarkets,shelf lighting 70% of 30% incandescent lamps can be used to obtain a better and balanced color tone. In non-sales areas, such as work areas and crowded areas, it is more effective to use standard color luxury fluorescent lamps. The effect of the former is 30% worse than the latter,shelf lighting and the effect of incandescent lamps is only 40-50% of luxury fluorescent tubes.

Supermarket department store area: It is recommended to use fluorescent light strips composed of T8 aluminum alloy wire duct fluorescent lamps or T5 aluminum alloy wire duct fluorescent lamps,shelf lighting which can achieve higher illuminance. Supermarket fresh products area: It is recommended to use the chandeliers in the supermarket fresh food area to create a fresh environment by using light sources with different color temperatures for different fresh products,shelf lighting such as bread,shelf lighting live fish,shelf lighting vegetables, fruits, and dried fruits.

Window display area: It is recommended to use metal halide spotlights. The better color rendering performance of the metal halide light source can achieve the effect of accent lighting by highlighting the color of the product. Supermarket building area: It is recommended to use floodlights to achieve flood lighting of the building.

This is to configure the lighting of different commodities according to the different colors emitted by the different color temperatures of the light source,shelf lighting so as to achieve the effect of attracting consumers and enhance the customer’s desire to buy. Especially in the fresh food area of the supermarket,shelf lighting the shell of the lamp will be sprayed into different colors such as yellow, red, blue, green, orange,shelf lighting purple according to different commodities,shelf lighting which can not only achieve the lighting effect, but also play a decorative role.

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