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Super Shelf Lighting Introduction

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Supermarkets are all using incandescent lamps for lighting,shelf lighting because incandescent lights produce familiar colors,shelf lighting but there are also imperfections, so some experts suggest mixing incandescent lights and fluorescent lights. Although most supermarkets have replaced incandescent lamps with fluorescent lamps at present,shelf lighting they have a better effect on increasing luminosity, improving viewing and purchasing speed, but they still can’t produce natural or familiar colors, that is, using fluorescent powder mixtures. And add red, green,shelf lighting blue and other light agents to emit different light colors.

The fluorescent lamp has 4 colors, namely the luxurious cool white light tube,shelf lighting which gives people a cool feeling,shelf lighting and enables all colors to maintain the original color and close to the original color; the luxurious warm white light tube gives people a sense of warmth,shelf lighting just like incandescent light, strengthening Warm light, reduce the blue and green cold light; cool white light tube, produce a cool feeling,shelf lighting maintain the original color, emphasize the yellow-orange light,shelf lighting reduce the red light, warm the white light tube, produce a sense of warmth,shelf lighting like incandescent light, keep the original Color, strengthen yellow light, reduce the effect of red light and cool light. The first two lamps mentioned above should be used in the sales area. If the fluorescent lamp is weak,shelf lighting the effect of adding red incandescent light will be better.

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