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Maintenance Method Of Refrigerated Display Lighting In Convenience Store Freezer

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Convenience store freezer lighting uses the contact and separation of the door inner frame and the switch shrapnel of the lighting lamp,Refrigerated display lighting so that the door opening light is on and the door closing light is off. If the lighting fails, the faults are nothing more than the following two categories,Refrigerated display lighting and you can usually fix it yourself. The method to check whether the light bulb of the convenience store freezer is on in the cabinet is very simple. When the door is closed,Refrigerated display lighting you can gently press the magnetic door strip with your fingers to peek inside the cabinet from the gap. If the light in the cabinet is on,Refrigerated display lighting it means there is a problem. .

When repairing, open the door of the convenience store freezer,Refrigerated display lighting use a screwdriver to loosen the fixing screw of the convenience store freezer thermostat,Refrigerated display lighting move the thermostat forward slightly, so that the switch shrapnel of the light happens to be in contact with the door frame when the door is closed Then tighten the fixing screws of the thermostat; or take a piece of thick cardboard about 2 square centimeters,Refrigerated display lighting and stick it with tape to the point where the switch shrapnel meets the border of the convenience store freezer door to cut off the power when the door is closed.

Convenience store freezers are closed but the lights do not turn off: This is often caused by negligence in inspections when the convenience store freezers leave the factory or vibration during transportation. If it is not detected in time,Refrigerated display lighting a series of symptoms such as frequent compressor starting,Refrigerated display lighting increased noise,Refrigerated display lighting and increased power consumption will occur. A single 15-watt light bulb will be wasted 11 kilowatt-hours of electricity if it is continuously energized in the box for one month.

Convenience store freezer doors open but the lights do not light up: In addition to power outages and poor contact of the power plug, there are other reasons for this phenomenon,Refrigerated display lighting such as broken light bulbs and poor contact between the bulb and the lamp holder. When repairing,Refrigerated display lighting first cut off the power, open the door, take out the light bulb from the thermostat box of the convenience store freezer,Refrigerated display lighting and replace the light bulb if the wire is broken. The general specification is 220V 15W. If the screw, bulb and lamp pad are in poor contact,Refrigerated display lighting you can use a small screwdriver to pry up the copper contact piece in the lamp holder to make it contact each other,Refrigerated display lighting and the fault can be eliminated.

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